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Intoxic8 Studio is an indie game dev studio based in New York.

Christopher Riffle

The end result of way too much video games. Believes there should be Power Ups in the world, and multiple lives is a must. A hardcore self-taught kinda guy.

Slogan: We can do it!

Mina Skye (Ming) Liu

Lover of shoes and dogs, hater of deadlines. Holistic nut, herbal fanatic, but constantly craving junk food, which also leads to her expertise in yo-yo diet.

Slogan: If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!


A hugger and a kisser. Answers to Cookie and Yummy. Carries his own toy to the dog park. Has a built-in navigation system that guides his way within his own domain.

Code name: Connor the Code Scrambler


Tremendous voice talent and a skillful performer. She is an independent lady who would rather patrol the neighborhood dogs than snuggle in front of a fire place.

Code name: Hannah the Negotiator

Contact The Beagles

Yes, our talented Beagles handle all of our correspondences, so don't be surprised if you get a sloopy kiss back.