We Are Working Hard on the Next Update!


Yes, we are working hard on the next Road Racer update!
What you can expect from the next update?

1) A complete Menu makeover

2) Additional language support

3) Added features and game play … this is going to be a surprise 😉

4) … plus more

So, stay tuned for our next update announcement.

Tip #2 – Swipe-Down is KING!


iphone_4s_swipedownMastering SWIPE-DOWN is the key to success!

Ask any Road Racer top scorer and they will tell you the secret to high score and long distance is to master Swipe-Down in mid-air!

When you see coins on the ground when you are in mid-air? Swipe down to land faster and collect those coins!

If  you think you are going to crash into the next barrier when land while in mid-air, swipe down to land faster and immediate swipe up to jump over that barrier!


September Giveaway!!!



To celebrate the introduction of “GEAR DOUBLER”, “Relentless Racer Daily Bonus” and our revamped version 1.1.0, we are giving away a GEAR DOUBLER, an in-app purchase item valued at $4.99 USD, for free.

You can redeem your free Gear Doubler in-game anytime during the month of September, 2013.

GEAR DOUBLER doubles your gear collections in EVERY RACE!

The Road Racer Update V.1.1.0 is now available for download on the App Store

IMG_3267 copyThe Road Racer 1.1.0 update was just approved and is on the App Store NOW!

This update includes the following:
New interactive tutorial.
Introducing Relentless Racer daily rewards.
Added new Gear Doubler in store.
Added new leaderboard in Game Center.
Made coins easier to see.
Few bugs fixed.
Adjusted game’s difficulty and barrier distribution.
Adjusted collision detection.
Improved draw distance on iPhone 3GS.
Improved graphic quality.

Tip #1 – Bumper Cars are Your BFF!


Gotta love those Bumper Cars!
Get amazing coin/gear prizes, consumables power ups and replenish your hearts / health in-game simply by bumping!

New Update Coming Soon!

iphone_4s_688We are working on the next Road Racer update! Oh man, do we have some big surprise for you guys!

Make sure you update in the month of September, we have something in-game that will knock your socks off!

Official Launch – August 29, 2013


Ready, Set, Go!
Road Racer is coming to an app store near you on August 29, 2013



Coin Prizes and Bonus Gear!

iphone_4s_congratulationReceive up to 50 coins and a chance to win a bonus gear EVERY TIME when you brag about your Road Racer score on Facebook and/or Twitter!

We are racing our way to the app store!

iphone_4s_688Watch out app store!
Road Racer, our most anticipated game, is racing its way to an app store near you this summer.