Indie Mobile App Developer



Intoxic8 Studio is a husband and wife team based in New York. Together, with their two obnoxious beagles, they strive to make apps that bring a smile to people's face.

Christopher Riffle

The end result of way too much video games. Believes there should be Power Ups in the world, and multiple lives is a must. A hardcore self-taught kinda guy.

Slogan: We can do it!

Ming Liu

Lover of shoes and dogs, hater of deadlines. Holistic nut, herbal fanatic, but constantly craving junk food, which also leads to her expertise in yo-yo diet.

Slogan: If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!


A hugger and a kisser. Answers to Cookie and Yummy. Carries his own toy to the dog park. Has a built-in navigation system that guides his way within his own domain.

Code name: Connor the Code Scrambler


Tremendous voice talent and a skillful performer. She is an independent lady who would rather patrol the neighborhood dogs than snuggle in front of a fire place.

Code name: Hannah the Negotiator

Contact The Beagles

Yes, our talented Beagles handle all of our correspondences, so don't be surprised if you get a sloopy kiss back.