Skull Valley

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Road Racer

Not your typical endless runner/racing game!

- RACE as fast as you can
- JUMP or SWERVE to avoid obstacles
- BUMP CARS & TRUCKS for prizes with Bumper Car Powerup

Do you have what it takes to race to the top?
How are your reflexes as you race down the city street at ultra high speed?

Tilt to steer, swipe to jump over obstacles, buy cars to unlock Powerups and collect coins to upgrade them, collect gears for rewinds and see how far you can race in this super addictive endless race!

Available on the App Store on August 29, 2013

Chinese Poker Pro

Chinese Poker(十三張) is a popular card game in the Asian community. Each player is dealt 13 cards that must be arranged into 3 poker hands ranging from the strongest on the bottom to the weakest on the top.

What is in Chinese Poker Pro?

- Play against 3 AI opponents
- 3 levels of difficulty and 4 scoring methods (1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 2-4)
- Royalties (Bonuses for strong hands)
- Special 13 card hands (Naturals)
- Help section for beginner to learn how to play
- Ability to customize the game

Available on the following platform:


Christopher Riffle
Code name intoxic8*Chris

The end result of way too much video games. Believes there should be Power Ups in the world, and multiple lives is a must. A hardcore self-taught kinda guy.

Slogan: We can do it!

Ming Liu
Code name intoxic8*Sky

Lover of shoes and dogs, hater of deadlines. Holistic nut, herbal fanatic, but constantly craving junk food, which also leads to her expertise in yo-yo diet.

Slogan: If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!

Code name intoxic8pup*Can

The Imitator

Code name intoxic8pup*AKIKI

The Straight Shooter

Code name intoxic8pup*Con

The Code Scrambler

Code name intoxic8pup*NaNa

The Negotiator


We Are Working Hard on the Next Update!

Yes, we are working hard on the next Road Racer update! What you can expect from the next update? 1) A complete Menu makeover 2) Additional language support 3) Added features and game play … this is going to be a surprise 😉 4) … plus more So, stay tuned for our next update announcement.

Tip #2 – Swipe-Down is KING!

  Mastering SWIPE-DOWN is the key to success! Ask any Road Racer top scorer and they will tell you the secret to high score and long distance is to master Swipe-Down in mid-air! When you see coins on the ground when you are in mid-air? Swipe down to land faster and collect those coins! If  […]

September Giveaway!!!

SEPTEMBER GIVEAWAY!!! To celebrate the introduction of “GEAR DOUBLER”, “Relentless Racer Daily Bonus” and our revamped version 1.1.0, we are giving away a GEAR DOUBLER, an in-app purchase item valued at $4.99 USD, for free. You can redeem your free Gear Doubler in-game anytime during the month of September, 2013. GEAR DOUBLER doubles your gear […]